Peekamoose Custom Guitars and Guitar Repair NYC

Frequently Asked QuesTIons (FAQs)

Guitar Repairs / Instrument Repairs

Q. How much will it cost to fix my guitar?
Q. How long will it take to fix my guitar?
Q. What is the turnaround time on a setup?
Q. What does a setup include?
Q. Is my guitar worth repairing?
Q. I've been adjusting my own guitar for years without any problems but lately there is a buzz / an intonation problem that I can't get rid of can I'm sure it's something small. Can you fix it?


Q. What is a setup?
Q. How often do I need to have my instrument setup?
Q. No, really, how often do I need to have my instrument setup?
Q. Can I adjust my instrument myself?
Q. How often should I change my strings?
Q. Should I change my strings one at a time?


Q. How do find out the year that my Steinberger was built?
Q. Can I buy a Steinberger from Peekamoose?
Q. How do the MusicYo Steinbergers compare to the original Steinbergers?
Q. I have a Steinberger and the jack is worn/ Can I order the part from you?
Q. The jaw/ claw that the ball end of the string is held by at the bridge is broken, what now?
Q. I'd like to order some parts from you, how do I make that happen?
Q. I'm thinking of buying a used Steinberger, what do I need to watch out for?
Q. Can you install a Trans Trem bridge on my guitar?
Q. Can you refret my Steinberger?