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At PEEKAMOOSE CUSTOM GUITARS and GUITAR REPAIR we are committed to providing personalized service with professional quality guitar repairs & restorations on all your fretted or fretless instruments. We do not require appointments. Drop by with your instrument during customer hours. We will do our best to make your instrument and you very happy. If you live outside the NYC area, shipping an instrument here is easy. We have clients all over the world sending instruments in for resurrection. UPS, FedEx, and other major package carriers are very effective. We ship world wide. With most walk in jobs, we can usually do quick instrument evaluations in the reception area providing a safe estimate covering the probable cost range. However, some jobs are less obvious and require further testing. If a job's diagnosis is complex, we will give you an idea of what we suspect, but will provide an estimate after doing a full bench test. A full bench test allows us the time to do a more detailed evaluation and estimate. Once that process is completed, a more precise diagnosis of your instrument can be presented. We will go over what can be done to correct the problem(s). Often there are levels or alternate ways to resolve a problem. We will present all available solutions and ranges of cost. We will also cover any possible enhancements which if applied to your instrument would elevate it's performance characteristics.

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About blind estimates and repair suggestions:

We receive countless phone calls and e-mails from concerned musicians wanting to describe problems their instrument have, and ask what a repair will cost. We can often provide a blind ballpark price, but prefer not to. Blind evaluations can be way off base; both in repair strategy and cost. Musicians, no matter how intelligent and well read, will not view an instrument the way a professional luthier does. Due to this difference of perspective, a client's description, no matter how detailed, seldom provides the full picture. There is no substitute for an evaluation performed by trained eyes, hands, and measuring tools. If we had a nickel for every doomsday prognosis presented by a distraught or frustrated owner that was mortified by the cost of major surgery.... When what was actually wrong required a more cost effective solution... You get the concept....

Historically speaking we can't emphasize this point enough: Blind repair recommendations and speculations about cost have to be tempered in reality. Professional hands, eyes, & tools on the table tell the truth and is far less stress... The rest is counting on our skills as a clairvoyant. Quoting the rates of specific repairs is one thing. Having the client make their own diagnosis and apply those rates... Not a smart way to go. You play the instrument and we'll keep you out of trouble.