Peekamoose Custom Guitars and Guitar Repair NYC


If you live outside the New York metropolitan and Tri-State area, we can still repair your guitar and provide care for your instrument. We have clients all over the world. We have been shipping instruments world wide for three decades.

You can ship an instrument here using UPS, FedEx, etc. Ground service within the US & Canada is quite reasonable. International shipping rates become better every year.

Please insure your instrument for it's full replacement value. Most package carriers cover the first $100. Additional coverage averages under 50 cents per $100. For example if the rate were 38 cents per $100, $2,500 would cost $9.12. At 50 cents per $100 $2,500 would cost $12.50. We generally recommend you insure for $2,500 or higher when appropriate. All carriers flag high value packages to make sure the handlers don't mess around. They don't want to pay out thousands due to damages. UPS makes every handler sign for and acknowledge an H.V. package's insured value. This system works. We use it all the time.

Please follow these packing guide lines:
  • Remember to include our e-mail address and yours in the carriers auto tracking notification system. It will save time on both ends.
  • Only use bubble wrap as packing material. Peanuts are a disaster.
  • Include your complete contact information. This means: day & evening phone numbers, e-mail, shipping, and billing addresses.
  • Include a brief summary of your instrument's problems.
  • Leave your instrument in it's current playing state. Don't try to be helpful by disassembling it.
  • If your instrument uses a tremolo bar or some other piece of removable hardware, please include it in the case using a plastic bag. We want to test your instrument in the same state you would normally play it.
  • If you know your preferred measured action height please include it. That would be the measurement from the top of the 12th fret, to the underside of each string. 4/64ths would be clearance slightly greater than a US penny balanced on the 12th fret. 5/64ths is about a nickel.
  • If you play some esoteric brand of strings, and buy them through a discount mail order house, please include two sets. Odds are against our selling price* being competitive with discount mail order. (*For special order items). We have no complaints when clients supply strings. However, two sets is recommended in case a string breaks, or a job requires several rounds of strings on, strings off, before the adjustments are in an ideal spot.
  • Think this is obsessive minutia? You won't when the job is done.

Our Shipping Address Is:

Peekamoose Custom Guitars
48 Lakeside Drive
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Once your instrument has a preliminary inspection, we will call with an evaluation of what work needs to be done and how much it should cost.

There may be variables we need to discuss with you before presenting an estimate. Or we may need to do additional tests to fully evaluate an instrument's condition, but want to speak with you first. If additional testing is needed, we will explain what we believe the possible results would be and the cost range.

Based on our recommendations and figures, if you approve the job, we bill a 50% deposit*. Then we schedule the job to begin. When the project completes and is ready to ship we bill the balance due including return freight, or local taxes if you are coming to pick it up. We accept MasterCard and VISA. *On projects over $200 we bill a deposit.

If you decline the project, your costs are: The preliminary examination & estimate bench time*, any non returnable parts, return shipping, and tax if applicable. *Bench tests in most cases average between $38 & $112. Usually closer to the low side.

When we call with a job estimate, we also make a reasonable projection for a ship date. As we get close to completion, you will be called to confirm billing and return shipping arrangements. If there are any delays we will contact you with a revised ETA. In most cases our calendar projections are accurate.