Peekamoose Custom Guitars and Guitar Repair NYC


We have been performing both warranty and non-warranty service on Steinberger instruments since 1985. Paul got his first GL-2TA in February of 1985 and has been a Steinberger geek ever since. You won't find more dedicated Steinberger care anywhere.

Some available services:
  • Setups
  • Plek G&P
  • Re-Fret & Plek
  • Bridge re-builds
  • Trans-Trem Therapy
  • Hardware replacements and upgrades,
  • General adjustments & fit issues
  • Electronic repairs and upgrades.
  • Pickup replacements and upgrades
  • Structural repairs
  • Cosmetic repairs

We are have worked on all older models (pre-September 1998). And most of the new models. If we haven't seen one yet, it probably hasn't been out very long.

If you have questions, please check our Steinberger FAQ first.
If you live in the area drop by during customer hours.
If you are shipping an instrument here and have questions not answered in either our Steinberger FAQ or Service by Mail page, please e-mail.
In most cases you will have a response within 24 hours.

Please understand during our business day, we build and repair instruments. Computer time happens after bench time is done or if there is a free moment. In most cases we answer e-mail outside of customer hours. If you are a musician with a time sensitive emergency, please call during customer hours. If you get voice mail or the call desk it means the line is busy. Please leave your mobile number and state this is a time sensitive problem. We will reply as soon as we are free.

Steinberger FAQ

If you are not sure which model you own. Please check Andy Yakubik's Steinberger World website for instrument model identification.
Click on the instruments page in the navigation bar.