Peekamoose Custom Guitars and Guitar Repair NYC
An S styled body, with a sound and feel you wont believe
A T styled body with a humbucker in the neck position and a custom designed mini-humbucker in the bridge position
A jazz styled body without the usual headaches
Sonically tuned top, ergonomic body contours, chambered, classic Peekamoose V/T/4way/Phase Circuit
True killer instinct everywhere
Tone chambered body
Our Workhorse Series offers musicians an opportunity to purchase a Peekamoose custom made instrument while minding their budget.


Critical yet non technical information about our Guitars
(Yeah it's not geeky, but you need to know it anyway)
Until you play one there is no way to fully grasp what the difference truly is. Words are words. Sound and feel is the joint.


Short and Sweet
Peekamoose Custom Guitars are the results of over three decades supporting professional and amateur clients. A large part of that time was spent repairing, modifying, and upgraded other manufacturer's instruments to work around basic design quirks that hinder a player's performance. That 30+ years of bench time is tempered by over forty years as a player.

They are designed to feel instantly familiar, possess great touch sensitivity, and a sonic pallet that far exceed the expectations of the players who own them.

They are built to be rock solid reliable and instill confidence that is hard to find elsewhere. We make no compromises in materials or workmanship for the sake of price point.

They possess all the most popular and time proven upgrades our client base requests.

All Peekamoose guitars have their frets dressed on our Plek machine.

They will make you fall in love.

The inspiration and details behind Short and Sweet
The design concept of Peekamoose Guitars is simple:
  • Uniform achievement of touch responsiveness and quality of sound is universal to Peekamoose Guitars.
  • An instrument should avail itself to the artistic instincts and needs of a player.
  • It should not get in the way of the players hands or thoughts.
  • It should meld with and become part of the player.
  • It should inspire the player to have new experiences and create new sounds on top of what is already known.
  • It should be rock solid and inspire confidence in it's owner.
  • It should be a joy to hold and see.
  • A stringed instrument must be functional art.

Other important factors which bring these instruments to life
The Peekamoose Guitars' classic style instrument line incorporate a unique combination of experiences as a player and as a guitar maker. The thirty plus years (and counting) of repairing, modifying, and upgrading instruments produced by other companies is always tempered by Paul's decades of experience as a player. This approach is carried into the training of all company members. We never want to loose sight of what a player really needs.

One of the key points in our philosophy regarding guitar making is simple: Until you've repaired a few thousand instruments from a broad range of makers you lack the experience to formulate educated design ideas. Having to adapt client instruments from other makers to accommodate physical and sonic needs heavily influences Peekamoose designs.

Peekamoose Custom Guitars possess the best qualities of vintage and contemporary instruments with our most popular after-market custom upgrades designed in. Another very important factor is certain critical vintage instrument design weaknesses have been eliminated. These instruments are road/studio ready right out of the gate.

From a musician's perspective, knowing what is important for survival both live and in the studio can not be learned from a book. It only comes from years of performing in bands while weathering both adverse and excellent playing environments. What works in a club, is not the same as an outdoor gig, or a theater. The studio environment presents another set of challenges. Paul's had the good fortune of being a guitarist for roughly forty years, and played in bands for at least a dozen of them. Most of the Peekamoose crew brings performance and recording experience to the table. It's helps temper what comes off the workbench.

Having cared for thousands of players over the years broadens the knowledge base even further. Doing tour and studio support for many levels of artists is a great instructor. Being a top referral by most of the major manufacturers for warranty support brings another level of awareness. This unique blend of experience inspired the development of guitars which feel instantly familiar, and have more under the hood than anyone would expect. The geometry of Peekamoose instruments is intended to create a tone and ease of play that can only be achieved on vintage guitars after many subtle modifications. Our babies do it right out of the gate.

There is something about the touch responsiveness found in Peekamoose Guitars which words will never accurately convey. You have to experience our instruments first hand to truly understand what you have been missing all these years.

We make no compromises in our building methods or the materials and components we use to create these instruments.

All Peekamoose guitars have their frets dressed on our Plek machine.

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