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Workhorse Series

The concept of the Workhorse is to offer musicians an opportunity to purchase a Peekamoose custom made instrument while minding their budget.

All the critical features which affect playability, accuracy and resonance remain executed as they are with our Top Custom category models, but we simplify the build in other ways to reduce cost.

How it works:

We start with a stripped down version of our Top Custom Models. We create a baseline build for each model, and allow the client to scale up the build as much or as little as they want to created a more cost friendly custom guitar or bass.

Where can we reduce cost:
  • We use woods like mahogany or alder where practical because they require less time to sand out for finishing
  • We offer a Gunstock Oil or thin Nitro finish reducing time at the finishing and buff out end
  • We pare down the body to neck color coordination. See our Facebook page for recent photos
  • We make shielding optional. Most guitars from the 50's through the 70's lacked shielding
  • We used model specific standard Duncan pickups where possible instead our Custom wound proprietary Duncan Pickups
  • We dial back the multi-sound switching options on the circuit where possible
  • The gig bag becomes an upgrade option

Essentially there are a broad range of choices to limit cost.

The two most labor intensive factors in any custom instrument build fall between finishing and the complexity of a wiring harness.

The two most flexible places to reduce materials cost without compromising build quality are in the finishing materials and the cost of electronic components. Reducing the parts count along with the cost of some parts saves money.

Some people prefer a basic oil finish and that saves many bench hours during the build.

Some people prefer a basic circuit with only the primary pickup selector and tone control functions. This reduces the parts count and the cost of some parts. For example a standard pot costs less than a switching pot.

These are effective ways to limit cost while still having a great instrument custom made for you.

With our Top Custom Series guitars averaging between $4500 and $7500, we can create a baseline build for models 1-3 somewhere between $1800 and $2000, and the model 4 at $5000.

Going from each model's practical baseline a client can have us scale up the appointments in a build to suit both their needs and their budget.

As we introduce new instrument models to our Top Custom Series, we will develop a budget conscious counter part in the Workhorse Series.

Email or call 212.869.2396 for details.

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