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Peekamoose Model-3 Guitar



The Peekamoose Model-3 guitar is a dual humbucker instrument with a vintage style tremolo. An Ÿ hole detail is available as an option.

All our instruments are designed with the premise they will be used in a wide range of applications. Don't let looks fool you. There is far more here than meets the eye. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Reggae, name a style and these guitars deliver.

The standard circuit has a dual sound option for each pickup, and the ability phase reverse one pickup against the other. Using our custom wound Duncan pickups voiced for balanced harmonics and wide frequency response, the versatility of this circuit will afford you a very broad sonic pallet to paint your musical landscape.

Body wood and finishes: The Model 3 instruments are swamp ash. Opaque, transparent, & burst finishes are available. Ask about the color you prefer at the time you order.
All Peekamoose instruments have a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials in workmanship.

Ron Butler, taking the Model-3 for a spin.
Model 3 Basics:
  • 22 fret, quarter sawn, rock maple neck
  • Rosewood Maple, or Ebony fret board
  • All necks have their frets dressed on our Plek machine.
  • Truss-Rod access at the headstock
  • Ash body

Additional options on these instruments include:
  • Choice of custom finish
  • Choice of wood used for the body
  • Choice of wood used for the fretboard
  • Hardware or electronic custom requests

Hardware & Appointments for Top Custom Series:
  • Vintage style synchronized tremolo or Compensated three saddle bridge (where appropriate)
  • Tusq® bridge saddles (where appropriate)
  • Tusq® nut
  • Sperzel® locking tuners
  • Dunlop® Strap Locks (traditional style)
  • Nickel Neck Plate and Stainless Screws
  • Multi-Layer Tortoise, Pearloid or Other pick guard and back plate (where appropriate)
  • Peekamoose custom spec Pickups by Seymour Duncan. Evenly Voiced Harmonics for dynamics and nuance
  • Copper Shielding on all bodies
  • Peekamoose, isolated, and single exit wiring harness
  • 5-way over-ride switching on all 3 pickup instruments. HSH puts N&B on in series, SSS puts M&B on in series
  • 250K or 500K pots as appropriate to the circuit
  • High pass filter standard on all hi-impedance models

We have a seven-day return policy on standard pre-built instruments from our reception room floor.
If you are not satisfied with a Peekamoose instrument and return it within seven days, in a condition where there are no marks, wear, or damage of any kind we will refund your money less 10% restocking fee, shipping, and handling charges.

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